Bug busters

Unable to transpile a typescript file imported from a git submodule directory (that has a package.json)

So I'm not exactly sure what was going on here. When I import a typescript module from a submodule that had a package.json, babel couldn't transpile the imported module from the root directory from which the import was made. When I moved the file out of the submodule root, it worked.


TS2307: Cannot find module '@app/express-base' or its corresponding type declarations when using paths

So everything was working fine locally, until I pushed to github and my release github action failed. Then my nightmare started.

That nasty error kept showing itself. I tried everything in my power, but the error seemed to be the stronger guy here, flexing it's muscles on my tired brain.

Then I buckled up, spun up my vps, reinistalled the app and boom. Same error.

I even started debugging ts-node and tsconfig-paths directly from node_modules to figure it out but yet, no clue.