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Project information

  • Category: Productivity Tool
  • Client: Celsbits
  • Project date: 2022-02-02
  • Project URL: click to visit


Screentime is a simple productivity tool that allows you track how much time you're spending on your computer. It equally details how much time you're spending on each apps and how often you're opening these apps over a given period of time.

With Screentime, you can monitor your activities, gain more insights to what you're doing on your computer so that you have as much info as possible that'll enable you take the necessary decisions to keep you always focused on the right things.

Screentime is available on Linux, Windows and MacOs. It's also an open source software distributed under the MIT license agreement, so feel free to study the code and modify it to suite your needs or submit pull requests. Below are the download links for each platform.

Linux Build

Download version 1.0.0 - AppImage

MacOs Build

Download version 1.0.0 - dmg

Windows Build

Download version 1.0.0 - exe


For now, if you're using a Mac, you might not be able to receive auto updates for new releases. I'm still working to get this sorted out. So check this page once in a while to verify if there are new versions available. Windows and linux users shouldn't have to worry about this.