My reasons for starting a blog

For a very long time, I always had this urge of starting a blog. But everytime the thought came to mind, I'd say to myself with so much passion: "We start Tomorrow! and we finish everything Tomorrow!". And then tomorrow comes, nothing happens and then it goes.Eight months later, I'm still trying to figure out what happened that I couldn't start the blog until now. This is why procrastination is such a monster in disguise, a suicide on the installment plan. It makes you feel like you actually have things under control but before you know it, you're on fire trying to put everything back in it's correct place.I had to slap myself severally before snapping back to the reality that I've been procrastination on starting this blog for almost a year.Anyways. As to why I'm creating the blog in the first place, I'm doing so to share my thoughts and opinions on topics that I'm fascinated by such as: tech, music, sports, spirituality etc. I've learnt a lot in recent years from people who have been generous with their knowledge.I've also learnt that you don't necessarily need to possess a great deal of knowledge before you can share it. Besides, knowledge can't be quantified. So, if you're confident in what you know, then sharing with the people who need it will always be a great and delightful experience."If you have knowledge, let other's light their candles in it". Margaret FullerI hope not to procrastinate on when to write the next post. Till we meet again. Adieu